75.00 LBS


Have you been discouraged trying to afford your own pedal harp? Do you need a good quality instrument but your used search has not been fruitful? Vanderbilt can work with you to provide a high quality rental while your harp is being sourced, made or just in time for opportunities that you need to be ready for. We also can help you source a harp and provide a rental in the meantime.

We range in price from minimum $275 per month (and up) and price is dependent on two factors. (1) the purchase price or replacement value of the harp and (2) the condition and age. We require insurance policies and we do not allowing giging on these harps. 

Every harp we rent is good enough for you to sit at an audition. There is no 'rent a junker' going on here. New strings and yearly regulations are the standard at Vanderbilt. We pride ourselves on being a professional harpist owned and managed company that is never cutting corners or putting the player's needs second. 

Please give us a call today to see what models are currently available and the specific model pricing. michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com or 812 606 6389 nights or weekends / after office hours and 812 333 5255 during office hours.

Please note * we do require contracts for rental of 12 months or even 1-2 years, we do not rent in California, and some harps are available for daily, weekly or short term 1 month contract but the price can be higher.* All shipping fees are the responsibility of the renter. We request an introduction from a harp colleague or teacher to reduce our risk which keeps our rentals value driven. Welcome to ask us to search for a rental for you as we have a large rental pool and likely we can swap out for a specific model if you require! 

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