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Savarez Alliance KF (Fluorocarbon)

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A real innovation! These strings are manufactured from composite fibres.

A production which requires fine and sophisticated technologies only Savarez could implement until now.

Thanks to the technologies, Savarez can produce strings with perfect geometrical qualities which resist tensions produced by the harp. Many years of work focusing on complicated technologies was necessary to obtain such a result. Working on the molecules and the rate of “cristalinity” allow Savarez to obtain strings with an elongation and elasticity identical to that of gut strings.

Alliance KF strings offer a good alternative for those who wish to take advantage of the strength of the KF strings while retaining the remarkable sound of gut strings.

Alliance KF strings :

  • are a real innovation

  • offer remarkable sound

  • represent a favourable alternative to gut strings

  • have a longer lifespan

Consequently, KF strings :

  • have a clear and sonorous sound that is very close to the tone of gut strings

  • are resistant to humidity and climatic variations thus offering a stable tune

  • are priced competitively


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