Swanson: A Guide for Harpists

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A Guide for Harpists. Care, maintenance and repair of the pedal Harp. Over 50 illustrations and photos.


Introduction and Reference Illustrations
PART I Repair and Maintenance
1 Tools
2 Parts and Supplies
3 How to Change a Gut or Nylon String
4 How to Change a Wire String
5 How to Patch a String
6 How to lay the Harp on the floor or on 3 Chairs
7 How to Remove the Base (Pedal Box)
8 How to Change Pedal felts and Slot felts
9 How to Adjust a Pedal Spring Stud
10 How to Change a Pedal Spring
11 How to Change a Pedal Rod
12 How to Adjust a Pedal Rod
13 How to Change a Disc
14 How to Adjust a Disc
15 Slipping Discs and Broken Screws
16 Centering Strings
17 How to Adjust Back Plate Screws
18 Tuning Pins That Stick, Slip, or Won't Move
19 How to Regulate a Harp
20 Noises, Buzzes, and Squeaks
PART II Care and Useful Information
21 Old and Used Harps: Assessing Their Condition
22 How to Carry a Harp
23 How to Transport a Harp
24 When to Call a Repairman
25 General Care

Spiral bound, 55 pages. 

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