Style 3

0.00 LBS


Gold Harps & Special Instruments


47 strings
0 octave G to 7th octave C

74 1/4″ (189 cm)

Soundboard Width
21 5/8″ (55 cm)

Extreme Width
38 5/8″ (98 cm)

81 lbs (37 Kg)

Introduced in 1911, the Style 3 is a modern version of the Gothic design found in Western Europe dating back to the twelfth century. Its sound is true Lyon & Healy: clear and resonant with carrying ability. Hand-gilded with 23+ karat gold leaf, the dramatic geometrical patterns and bold details featured on the column and base bring to mind the pointed arches, buttresses and vaulting popular in the Gothic style. A double Rosewood inlay complements the extended solid Sitka Spruce soundboard. The hand-painted soundboard decoration using 23+ karat gold leaf features an elaborate, swirling floral vine intensified with subtle green and red hues. As a Lyon & Healy Special Instrument, the Style 3 comes with a unique miniature etching of a Lyon & Healy concert grand action plate design on the inside of the soundboard, a richly engraved, previously retired front action plate as well as an engraved back plate, a transport cover set and an extended 10-year limited warranty.

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