Sheeran/Woods: Perfect

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Ed Sheeran's Perfect has become one of the most popular wedding songs of 2018. Sylvia Woods has made a lovely six-page arrangement for advanced beginner to intermediate harp players. The music is in the key of G (1 sharp), with no lever or pedal changes within the music. The basic harp range is 3 octaves, G to G. (There is one lower D note that may be omitted if necessary.) Lyrics, fingerings, and chord symbols are all included.

AND, Sylvia is giving you an added bonus! 
When you're playing a wedding processional, you usually don't need to play the entire piece. Plus, you don't want to have to worry about making page turns. And so -- Sylvia is also including a shorter, two-page, one-verse version. It is exactly the same as the first verse of the complete six-page version, with a short ending added. It was re-typeset to fit on just two pages, so no page turns are necessary!

You get BOTH the full 6-page version, and the shorter two-page version in this same piece of sheet music!

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