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The Enchanted Isle (Symphonic Poem for Harp and Orchestra) by Carlos Salzedo

Publisher: Lyra Music Company, ©1994, New York

Edition prepared by Lucile Lawrence

Instrumentation: 3(1,2,P) 3(1,2,EH) 3(1,2,BC) 3(1,2,CB) — 4 2 3 1, T+3, celeste, strings. Perc: snare, bass drum, cymbals, tam-tam, triangle, xylophone

Conductor's score and orchestral parts rental only.

Solo Harp part sold separately, and can be found HERE

Salzedo composed The Enchanted Isle in 1918 following the death of Claude Debussy. The first performance was given by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Salzedo as soloist in 1919.  

Salzedo provided the following notes for the premiere: 

There is no “program” in connection with my symphonic poem for harp and orchestra. The name— Terres Enchantees (Enchanted Isles)—has been preferred to any other chiefly on account of the newness of the orchestral balance, which unveils to the hearer a new world of sounds. In this work, the harp is treated in an unexpected, unaccustomed fashion by taking advantage of the unlimited tone colors of the instrument, thirty-seven in number. The conception and the execution of these effects has been made possible only by the recent perfection of the instrument. The principal theme of this symphonic poem has been borrowed from an “Idyllic Poem” of my own (for harp alone), which belongs to a series of “Poetical Studies” which themselves are part of an important work—The Modern Study of the Harp.

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