Renie: Andante Religioso for harp, violin, viola or cello

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Andante Religioso for Violin and Harp by H. Renie.  Can be played as harp/cello, or harp/viola duo! String part includes separate parts for violin, viola, and cello.  Revised in Feb 2021.

This piece was one of Renié's first composition written in 1895 when she was 19 years old. She composed this piece for her Counterpoint and Fugue class in Paris Conservatoire. From this piece we can already observe that Renié was aware of the vast compositional possibilities of the harp--lush chords and flowing arpeggios. The two parts imitate, echo, and complement each other throughout this beautiful piece. This is a long lost gem, which deserves to be performed more often! 



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