Larhantec: Mouvements a la corde lisse

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Marie-Annick Larhantec: Mouvements a la corde lisse pour harpe celtique (Movements for smooth strings)

These few little pieces are intended for all beginners in the art of the harp and their aim is to provide an initiation to the technique of the Celtic harp that will at the same time encourage a desire to learn more about it. You will very quickly take to this little instrument which lends itself extremely well to interpretation of Celtic music and this explains why many of these pieces are drawn from Breton folklore. Others arise from more practical needs, for example, acquisition of the indispensable mechanical skills, and are intended for the study of the instrument; I trust that you will not find them too austere. In any case, the vibrations of our strings are never unpleasing and you will master them, I hope, with increasing pleasure every day.

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