Jette / Kogan: Folk Songs of the British Isles (CD)

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Maria Jette, soprano / Judith Kogan, harp: Folk Songs of the British Isles (CD) 


 1. Lemady
 2. The Ash Grove
 3. Little Sir William
 4. At the Mid Hour of Night
 5. Sailor-Boy
 6. Sail on, Sail on
 7. O Waly, Waly
 8. There's None to Soothe
 9. The Trees They Grow So High
 10. Minstrel Boy
 11. Come You Not from Newcastle?
 12. Bird Scarer's Song
 13. The Foggy, Foggy Dew
 14. The Salley Gardens
 15. She's Like the Swallow
 16. Oft in the Stilly Night
 17. The Soldier and the Sailor
 18. Oliver Cromwell
 19. I Will Give My Love an Apple
 20. Early One Morning
 21. Master Kilby
 22. Bonny at Morn
 23. The Last Rose of Summer
 24. Dear Harp of My Country!

Total Duration: 60:15


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