Inglefield: Marcel Grandjany - Concert Harpist, Composer and Teacher

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Marcel Grandjany:Concert Harpist, Composer, and Teacher. Centennial Edition. By Ruth Inglefield.

This study is not a comprehensive biography of Marcel Grandjany, but rather a collection of
documents related to his life and multiple careers in music. It is intended for students of his
"method" and for all harpists who perform his works or who desire some insight into the personality
of an artist who - as performer, composer, teacher, and founder of the American Harp Society - influenced
considerably the climate in which they have chosen to work.
The extent to which I am indebted to others is apparent from the nature of the book: its contents
consist of programs, critical reviews, many letters from students and colleagues, and personal interviews,
as well as Mr. Grandjany's own writings concerning the harp. Many of the excerpts were drawn
from French-language sources; for these I have provided translations.
Special thanks must be extended to Mrs. Grandjany for providing family scrapbooks and a
great deal of her time; to the Journal of the American Harp Society for permission to use several
articles in their entirety; to the Faculty Research Committee of Bowling Green State University for a
travel grant connected with the project; to Mr. Don Allen of New York City for assistance with the old
photographs used; to Catherine Gotthoffer, Ann Mason Stockton, and Jane Weidensaul for reading and
commenting on the manuscript; and to my husband, Kenley Inglefield, for suggesting the format and
proofreading the final copy.
Ruth K. Inglefield
Bowling Green, Ohio, 1977

Spiral bound, 119 pages.

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