Vanderbilt Classic Gut

Welcome to a world that includes the Vanderbilt Classic Gut Harp String! Many may recall that Vanderbilt was well known for it’s Vanderbilt Classic Gut line and here it is back again! Same product, same production, same happy cows with healthy tummy gut!

This is the exact gauge as Bow Brand, unlike other recent-to-market string options that are noticeably thinner, made for a Camac harp, and thinner strings mean you would need your harp to be re-regulated.

Vanderbilt Classic Gut, now back in production, has been tested worldwide in various climatic conditions. They passed with flying colors…Red and Black nestled among the lovely shades of natural off-white. We would like to thank our US teams, which have been working in teaching studios and Universities throughout the US using these strings and everyone was delighted. Lastly, to my dearest friend Dan Burton, who has done so much for all of us in the harp world with his wonderful arrangements, I thank you especially for restringing your Style 23 and testing tonal response because we trust your expert musical ear in every instance. Harp On!

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