Grandjany: Children at Play

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Grandjany, Marcel: Children at Play (Les enfants jouent), Op. 16. Durand edition. (Advanced)

This is a charming, energetic and fun piece with beautiful idiomatic harp writing and the early twentieth-century French coloristic harmonies. In this piece Grandjany depicts the joy of children’s playing vividly. One can almost imagine children joking, laughing, and running around playing hide and seek. The section in high register sounds like a music box, which reminds us of the most endearing childhood memory. The sweet and merry music are however often interrupted by the military drum rolls and trumpet fanfare. One wonders if the composer is depicting children playing soldiers or their playing was interrupted by the real soldiers. This leaves some imagination for interpretation. Overall it is a great piece of music and a required repertoire for several international competitions.   



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