Bach’s Sonata in G Minor arranged by Julia Rovinsky (Digital Download)

Digital Download
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Bach’s Sonata in G Minor arranged by Julia Rovinsky (Digital Download)

A note by the arranger: 

"In these arrangements of Bach's flute sonatas for the harp, my goal was to showcase the unique capabilities of the harp and how they can enhance the music. By adding pedal and fingering indications, I aimed to make the music more accessible for harp players. I also made sure that page turns were easy to navigate, making it possible for players to use the music with a tablet.

I tried to stay true to Bach's original compositions and maintain the integrity of the original music. The flute sounds in better balance with the harp, and the harp's range and ability to sustain notes and create a lush, resonant sound adds depth and complexity to the music.

Overall, I believe that the harp and flute complement each other beautifully in these sonatas, and I hope that these arrangements will introduce Bach's flute sonatas to a new audience of harp players and enthusiasts."

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