Vanderbilt Harp Cart- Delayed Delivery (Feb -March 2023)- CALL FOR MORE ORDER DETAILS

26.00 LBS
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Vanderbilt Harp Cart

With the shortage of harp carts out there these days, Vanderbilt has brought back our very own cart!

Sturdy wood frame with wide carpeted base. 

Canvas straps with velcro for the base and body of harp. 

This cart comes with a useful doorstop attached to the side for those moments when you most need assistance!

Made in America.


We will remain in touch with you about the delivery time line. We have a waiting list already so the fastest way to get a cart is to order and as soon as we have them we will send.

PLease note, FED EX raises shipping rates in December and if your cart is ready then we may ask you for that top up payment for shipping OR, at your choice, hold the cart until the FED EX high rate is dropped usually mid January 2023. 


New price reflects COVID supply chain issues. Next carts expected to arrive December 2022. Order now, we have a waiting list. 

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