Troubadour III Used - needs some love

Troubadour II Used
30.00 LBS


So this is a Troubadour III; well known for being fantastic in wood the levers were a problem. When the levers aged out and were grabbed the little thin handle arm of the lever snapped off. Modern productions has a full metal lever and so we have a few Troubs still floating around that need love. Execellent wood structure but pesky levers.

Some thoughts ~ make an offer for your school or teacher based rental program. The harp could be "pre tuned" in a key and focus the lesson in that key only or use for very early learners who will not be moving levers.

The decal is an amazing find! Pretty!

Do not think a lever conversion is an option from LH factory as they are now declining to do the convesions to metal which leaves some enginerring issues and cosmetic marring of the finish when levers are moved. No modern production lever can be added in a "home job" and make the intonation work.

Rather than hit a dumpster, always a sad good bye for a harp, we are working with the owner to take offers and see who might be interested. The price listed here is a suggestion of value. New Troubs with the correct levers are 

SN6472 was made in xxxx

Call or email Michelle for a private showing on video! 

michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com or call 812 333 5255


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