Style 17 Gold SN 4518-17

35.00 LBS


Style 17 Gold, SN 4518-17 was built in 1954. It has a factory replaced new neck and re-rivit in 2022.

This harp is from a wonderful era of harpmaking. The quality is apparent. 
The harp is listed for $26,000 and you are welcome to visit to test it or ask for a video showing.
We note a few knicks and scratches in the gold and in the wood. There is one rub mark on the side where the arm touches the harp while playing. There previously was a "pick up" applied to the harp which is now removed and as such it has a mark in the base where the item was applied. The harp still has an old unused inventory tag on the back body which is a cosmetic issue.
This harp new would cost $63,700 so the price is good. The harp is recently regulated. The harp has a beautiful look over all despite the few bits of cosmetic imperfections. The sound is very good. The harp is a comfortable size to play and was of a very good vintage/year and thus a great species of LH harp making. The neck is already replaced so there are limited concerns about its longevity.

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