SOLD - Gold 22, 46 string harp, (similar to a 17) SN1928 Factory Rebuilt

65.00 LBS


This harp is SN 1928 was built in 1919. It was completely rebuilt in 2013 at the LH factory and except for a few very tiny knicks in the gold it is in near perfect condition.

The owner kept this as a very special harp reserved for special occasions. The sound is the amazing "old gold" tone that is so sought after today. Everything needed for this harp was completely done at the factory and

no work is need or will be needed anytime on the horizon. It is in very excellent condition. 

The harp will have new strings installed and be regulated prior to sale. It was regularly re strung and regulated but owner would like to pass her her in the absolute most perfection condition to a new owner. 

The owner is older and will be retiring from playing. She has sold all her other harps and decided this one, kept as a parlor princess, is not needed any longer.

The harp can be provided with the following: Dolly (older one) Brown Canvas Dust Cover, Tune key, Tune key holder, Bench. 

Financing is available as is shipping carton for those needing this harp to be shipped.

We welcome you to view films or have an in person or on video showing. 

Please contact Michelle at Vanderbilt Music Co.


office: 812 333 5255

* Weight of harp is an approximation



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