SOLD Camac Clio EX 44 string pedal harp Mahogany SN99-027

66.00 LBS


The owner of this harp has traded up to a larger instrument and is selling her current harp.

This is a Camac Clio 44 EX SN99-027. This harp was made in 1999 and is in very good structural condition. The sound is very pleasing and the harp is and excellent choice for a gigging harpist or a harpist that is new to

pedals and doesn't want to 'break the bank' in these post Covid times.  The cosmetic outlook is very good and the high gloss finish is in good condition. The harp is provided with a dust cover and a tune key.

Please contact us to learn more or hear a sound sample! This harp is made in France and costs $16,500 with the following specifications.

  • Height: 67" (170 cm)
  • Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)
  • Range: 44 strings, G00 (above 1st octave) - F42 (6th octave)
  • Woods: Maple, and Spruce for the soundboard
  • Finish:Mahogany,Extended Sounboard

michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com or call 812 333 5255 to discuss this instrument. Shipping boxes and financing are available. 

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