Rent to own Lever harps! 6 month rental and remaining payment purchases

50.00 LBS


We can offer rent to own terms on a few pedal harps (used/new) and we offer rent to owns on lever harps including Ogden, Troubadour and Preludes. We also have Ana and other various Salvi harps. The program works by you choosing a harp and paying for delivery once a contract is signed. Security deposit is required as well as a full 6 months of rental fees pre paid. Enjoy your lessons and six months down the road if you are going to stay in harping nirvana just arrange a payment by check, credit card or work with our financing company to purchase the harp you are 'renting'

Its a wonderful way to avoid tossing rent out the window but also not buying something that you aren't certain is right for you.

Please know that we have terms and conditions for rentals, we do not rent in California, and we look forward to telling you our updated pricing and available models.

Remember! If you buy a new lever harp from us we can bounty trade the lever harp in within 5 years for what you paid for the harp (not the shipping fees) and you are able to apply 100% of price towards a NEW pedal harp purchased from us!

We are working hard to reduce your risk in a purchase and to make it possible to upgrade as you progress in your harp journey! 


812 333 5255 or 812 606 6389 cell to discuss harps with Michelle. You can also email michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com 



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