Rees 33 string harp - rare in this string number

MSRP: $3,500.00
(You save $700.00 )
50.00 LBS


We have a lovely Rees 33-string harp purchased 15-20 years ago. The harp has a wonderful tone and is mounted on a base that allows it to be used for music therapy and to be moved quickly. The instrument has some levers with personalized crystals added for easy identifying the red and black strings. Please see photos.

The harp can be removed from its base but really is well set to be a working instrument. The harp has a clean and padded cover that zips on and off in such a way that you can travel safely but be ready to play quickly.

The sound is very good and the harp is named Jubiletta and the owner requests the name to remain the same. Please contact Michelle to arrange a showing via video. We think this is a great harp for somebody getting into therapy work or needing a really portable instrument without sacrificing string number or sound quality. 


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