Rainbow Electroacoustic Semi Grand

0.00 LBS


Electroacoustic Pedal

RANGE: 47 strings, 0 Oct G - 7th Oct C

Height: 175 cm / 69"

Width : 98 cm / 38 1/2"

Weight : 34 kg / 75"

Soundboard Width : 41 cm / 16"

Finishes: Iridescent

Pop, jazz, classical: The Rainbow is Salvi’s answer for an extremely versatile pedal harp. In fact, it can be played as either an acoustic or electro-acoustic harp, offering the faithful reproduction of all the richness of sound Salvi is known for. For this reason it is the ideal choice for jazz, pop, and even classical harpists who want amplification or wish to experiment new sounds.

The use of high-tech pickups and an accurate setting of the electronic components produces a sound that is unique in power, dynamic and versatility. The dual XLR outputs generate a perfectly stable and balanced stereo signal, void of background noise. The internal preamp can also receive phantom power through the audio cables, so there is no need for a battery! Two control switches allow you to change from mono to stereo mode, and from phantom to 9V battery power supply. An exclusive iridescent finish makes the Rainbow unique and spectacular.


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