Lyon & Healy Prelude SN: 758 -- USED

46.00 LBS


Imagine owning a great Prelude circa 2000, in a stunning walnut with the golden crown and golden feet, with a value driven price!
New Preludes are $5,600 and $4,400 gets you the same pedal harp look and pedal stringing and string response at a discount.

Perfect for a serious student looking to transition to pedal harp one day, or a hobby player serious about their harp tool.

Call us for a demo! All new strings and regulation completed May 2022. The harp is sound structurally in all major parts and is ready for harping adventures! 

call or text Michelle on 812 606 6389 or 812 333 5255 and email anytime to:  michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com

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