L&H Style 16, bronze, with a straight board

44.00 LBS


This harp just took my breath away. I deeply love it. Every harp at Vanderbilt is checked completely by a regulator of high esteem before sale and all strings are replaced. Upon checking: though this harp was rebuilt in the past it now requires a Body Base Frame (BBF) repair within 2-5 years depending on usage and how the frame moves under new ownership. If the harp is moved extensively then the repair could be closer than further away. 

This is an expensive repair so please check costs. Howard Bryan, Eric Rees or the maker L&H would all be able to provide a BBF repair. The issues are the time involved and costs. L&H charges around 8K currently for such a repair while the other providers may be more accessible. 

If you are a connoisseur of older harps and if you feel that this harp would be worth getting involved with a repair then I can confirm it is a wonderful sound and playing experience. 

Please contact Michelle 812 333 5255 or michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com for a video showing of this harp!



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