Kolacny: Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp

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Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp or What to Do When The Repairman is 1,000 Miles Away. This 24 page fully-illustrated book is intended to help lever harp owners evaluate and correct minor problems with their instruments and to help them understand major problems which may need professional repair.

It was playing fine yesterday
Harp makers and their learning curve
Basic harp parts
Evaluating a harp
The strings
Common string problems
Building in balance
Sound boards
String ribs
Sound board bracing
Open edges
The rest of the body
The mystery buzz
The column
The column-neck joint
The neck
The neck-body joint
Tuning pin basics
Tapered pins
Bridge pin basics
The relationship between tuning pins, bridge pins and levers
Adjusting the bridge pin
What makes my harp buzz?
When do you need a regulation?
What is a regulation?
Retrofitting levers
Sharping lever & regulation basics
Blade sharping levers
Copy cat levers
Robinson levers
Lyon & Healy levers (old)
Loveland levers
Salvi levers
Triplett Ultima levers
Truitt levers
Performance levers
Special supplies

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