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Bounty Program

Bounty Program


    • You are qualified for the opportunity to trade in your old harp for a new harp of greater value if the harp is 5 years old or younger and you are the first and only owner of that harp. Only Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps up to 40-strings and smaller qualify for use as a bounty in this program.

    • If you purchased your original harp through a company other than Vanderbilt, we will require the harp’s serial number and, if possible, original sales receipt.

    • Upon approval, you can then purchase a new harp under the bounty program (Harp Sales Policies apply) at which time the original purchase price of your old harp (i.e. the price you paid for it) will be applied to the final purchase price of your new harp of greater value.

    • Before your new harp is shipped to you, Vanderbilt Music Co. must receive your old harp.

    • Should you choose to ship your harp to our store, you must have or purchase a harp box in which to ship the harp.

    • You are responsible for all shipping costs for the bounty and your new harp.


Please note the following adjustments to the bounty program


    • A lever harp may only be traded in towards a pedal harp. Customers who purchased harps before Sept. 1, 2013 are excepted from this rule.

    • The previous rule that two trade-ins per customer were allowed is no longer valid - only one trade-in is allowed going forward. Customers who purchased harps before Sept. 1, 2013 are excepted from this rule.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone: 812-333-5255 between 9am and 5pm, or email us.

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