DHC 32 in Blue SN#V2181 year 2022

10.00 LBS


More Electric~

It can take up to 16 weeks for this instrument. Here it is ready to harp! From the Camac website:

“CAMAC’s new ‘DHC’ model is the ultimate crossover instrument for everything from Celtic to Rock! Light enough to wear comfortably throughout a full-length show, gorgeous on stage and fascinating to audiences, this harp inspired me to create new musical-theater works, ‘In the Wings,’ ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Harp!’ and ‘Electra’s Lyre’ - which use electric harp as the sole accompaniment! Aside from its 11-pound weight, and spectacular appearance, producers, recording engineers and theater sound-techs are in love with its rich, resonant, even sound. For me, this is THE crossover instrument of the 21st century!”

It comes with the following accessories Harness, tripod stand, case, brackets, tuning key. The harness is an extra $295.00 value and the tripid can run an extra $395

Th harp has 32 Strings (1F to 6C, Savarez fluorocarbon and Galli lever wires)

Practially new and owner purchased in March 2022. The owner is no longer playing harp and so the harp is offered for sale for the enjoyment of a new owner. 


contact michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com


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