Delta C Ebony SN`DH#197 Year 2021

33.00 LBS


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The new lighter version of the popular Delta – the Delta C – is a truly versatile professional instrument. The new bold and high-tech look of the Delta C carbon fiber body is captivating. Its lightness makes this instrument very easy to handle, and its carbon fiber structure allows one to experiment different percussive sound effects. The Delta C’s original shape and lightness allows versatility to musicians to play it their own way – sitting, standing or even moving onstage. The Delta C is a truly innovative professional instrument, as the artist who plays one.
Find out more at delta-harp.com.

29 strings, 2nd Oct. C – 6th Oct. C, Silkgut® synthetic lever string 2nd Octave C – 4th Octave C, Silkgut® Copper synthetic lever string 4th Octave B – 5th Octave D and Bow Brand Lever Bass Wires 5th Octave C – 6th Octave C. Extreme Length: 111 cm, 43 3/4”
Weight: 3,8 kg, 8.3 lbs (shipping weight shown below)
The Delta is available in a carbon fiber black finish and comes with a strap, base, gig bag and tuning key. Flight case  available separately.

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