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Midwest Harp Festival

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2015 Midwest Harp Festival Competition 

Competition to be held on Tuesday, July 21 2014 at 1:30 P.M.  Timko-Barton Music Building Recital Hall, Oral Roberts University.

All compositions in all divisions must be performed from memory.

Novice Division

Intermediate I Division

Intermediate II Division

Advanced I Division

Advanced II Division


Solo Competition Guidelines

  • Pieces are to be performed memorized
  • Harpists who have won First Place in a particular division in 2014 MUST complete in the next highest division.
  • Be encouraging to each other but be careful not to falsely lead someone into thinking they "Have the Competition Won" or tear them down to think they "Haven't Got a Chance on This Earth." Hearing someone practice their competition piece should not be a pre-determining factor in the results of the competition. Choose your words carefully and caringly. This is especially important AFTER the competition is over.
  • The Performance and Etiquette Class will give you an opportunity to perform in the competition venue. Those performing long selections will be asked to play only a portion of that piece.
  • Plan to be as prepared as possible BEFORE arriving to the festival. Other than the Performance and Etiquette Class, there will not be much of an opportunity for you to rehearse on the stage.
  • ​MUSIC
    • You should number the measures of your music at the beginning of each line. You do not need to number each actual measure.
    • You must have the original published music. We have extra copies for the judges to use. Be sure you pack your music before you leave home!
    • If you do not have the original purchased music, you may still play for a critique but you will not be eligible to place in the competition


  • Dress - Semi-formal to formal stage dressWinners are determined by the total cumulative points (300 maximum) given by all 3 judges. In the case of a close competition where the point totals are within 5 points of each other, judges have a right to choose a winner by vote. It is possible that not all winning levels will be represented if the contestants do not acheive enough points.
    • ​Men - Nice shirt, tie, long pants, dress shoes.
    • Ladies - dress or blouse and skirt that is full and below the knee, Hose (optional), dress shoes. Be sure you practice in your dress and shoes so that you are at ease whan you compete. ALSO...slit skirts that run above the knee are considered un-attractive by the judges.


  • Judges decisions are final.
  • Each judge critiques on 10 different qualities of the performance, with 10 points each. The most a judge can give each contestant is 100 points. The Following are the points needed to acheive winner status for each level:The winners names will be posted in the lobby within an hour of the end of the competition.
    • First Place - (270 - 300 points)
    • Second Place - (240 - 269 points)
    • Third Place - (210 - 239 points)


  • Open Competition - This means anyone may sit in the audience to observe without disturbance. Small children should be left at home.
  • Critique sheets - will be handed to each competitior as they leave the festival on Saturday OR mailed if you are not involved in the festival.
  • ALL competitors are expected to attend the Competition Winners Recital Tuesday night to show support and to practice good sportsmanship.


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