Chicago 40 in Natural - SN 72848 year 2022

50.00 LBS


Its only 1 year old!!! Why pay full price when you can have used right now. New is $13,500, this is offered at 2K off, $11,500. Not a bad deal for a 1 year old harp, regulated and re strung!

Chicago harp is a wonderful cross from lever to pedal instrument. It has charming board decals ~ no longer offered on this line any longer ~ and this model has beautiful natural veneer.

Peter Wiley regulated this harp within Sept 2023 and found no issue or concerns at all. The harp is from 2022 and the owner no longer plays harp due to her health condition. The harp a new set of high quality strings installed. One blemish along the side rail but it is not very unslightly due to the harp being in natural finish. 

The wait for a Chicago 40 is a bit long now. Why not consider savings and immediate delivery for this Chicago 40 with the value added decals?

Contact Michelle at michelle@vanderbiltmusic.com for more information and a video showing 


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